How to Make Stucco Last Longer

Across the nation people rely on stucco exterior for its great looks and durability. Though in reality, this material is very water absorbent and needs to be sealed. Do you want to make the exterior on your home last longer? We know the secret how…Waterproof it! In this blog we will talk about what stucco is, why homeowners choose stucco, and how to make stucco last longer. 

exterior home with stucco material.

What is Stucco?

You have probably seen stucco around your neighborhood without even realizing it. It is a fine plaster used for coating wall surfaces. It is often used for decorative coating on walls and ceiling. However, this material is also used molding in architectural design. Lastly, Stucco is a construction material that is applied wet and hardens to a very dense solid. 

Why do Homeowners Choose Stucco? 

There are many advantages of stucco. Some examples include texture, sustainability, retention, a natural resistance to fire, lasting durability against the elements and low maintenance. 

Generally, stucco finishes can be applied as you desire. You can choose the texture you’d like in order to give  your home a unique and seamless look. Next look at the ingredients needed from stucco. Easily obtain from local sources. This makes it a smart and sustainable option. The lasting pigment blended into stucco will eliminate the need to paint your house every few years. This material is resistant to fire, rot, mold, impact, and termite infestation. Depending on local climate conditions, the finish on stucco homes can last as long as 100 years.

Make Your Stucco Last Longer

There are many advantages to this material. There are a few disadvantages that you have to be aware of as well. One of them being water retention, or porosity. Next, understand stucco homes are prone to water retention which can eventually lead to water damage. Lastly, this happens often when the surface is not applied by an expert. A way to combat water retention is through waterproofing. 

paint roller on side of building where stucco is being used.

The importance of of Waterproofing

Waterproofing this material is a smart preventative measure for your property. Any imperfection in the the exterior or crack will allow water to seep in. This could start causing damage through the freezing cycle, mold, mildew and other moisture related problems.

In conclusion the importance of waterproofing stucco is highly recommended. This job should be left to the professionals. Homeowners who attempt to complete this waterproofing as a DIY job run many risks. The DIY job could allow moisture into your structure, which will have serious long-term consequences. Waterproofing stucco is a service that Southern Perfection Painting Inc. provides to Atlanta, Georgia. This is a great way to protect the look of your stucco and prolong the life of your exterior material.

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