House Painting Idea: Choosing Cool, Neutral or Warm White Paint Colors

The Selection of White Color

An interesting house painting idea is the selection of white color. Homeowners who prefer to have a house simple design and style opt for white surface walls. It is also practical nowadays. However, there are varieties in white paint colors. The said house painting idea reveals that white has several variations in terms of shades.

House Painting Idea: Choosing White Paint Colors

In this regard, homeowners can rely on their local painting contractor. The exterior and interior house painters can pitch in their ideas, too. The contractor and painters can integrate all ideas with any other house painting idea in the selection of the right white paint color. They have complete knowledge of the variations. Such is grouped in the following 3 categories:


  • Cool shades of white reflect blue, gray or green
  • Neutral shades of white have minimal or nil trace of gray and no other undertone
  • Warm white shades have a tinge of brown, rust or yellow – and a touch of pink
  • White warm colors are the ideal choice of homeowners
  • White cool colors are typically opted as the alternative

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