Cleaning/Handling Pollen While Painting


We know pollen: those small bits of the flower that appear during their reproductive period. They pose no health effects to anyone except for individuals who are allergic. During pollen season, pollen in the air is inevitably going to stick to the exterior surfaces, which can be quite an inconvenience, especially if you intend on painting.

Since these contaminants are airborne and invisible to the naked eyes, there’s no way to prevent them from accumulating on your surfaces. However, this doesn’t mean you should just ignore this and paint over the surface that is covered in pollen. If you want your paint to stick and last for a very long period, then you should handle the cleaning of pollen off that surface before splashing a brush of paint across it.

This is because high quantities of pollen can have a damaging effect on the adhesion of the paint and cause the paint to peel or flake off after some period. To properly handle this, you need to take precautionary measures like:

  •  The surfaces need to be cleaned using not just water, but with soapy water to get all the tough pollens out.
  • All exterior surfaces must be thoroughly power washed before painting on them.
  • Pay extra attention to horizontal surfaces because they tend to accumulate more pollen that the vertical surfaces. A slightly wet rag can be used to wipe the horizontal surfaces before applying the paint.
  • Vertical surfaces are much easier to clean and power wash; the buildup on these surfaces is little and doesn’t require much effort.

To protect the integrity of your paint on your exterior, it would be wise to take the steps mentioned above to secure effective and successful painting. Paints such as acrylic paints tend to dry very fast, but they absorb the pollen to the point of discoloration.

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