Exterior Painters Tip: Get Rid Of Ice Dams

Trouble on Ice

Southern perfection painting Exterior Painters

SPPI exterior painters know that when snow accumulates on a slanted roof that is inadequately insulated this can spell trouble later on. Trouble that will cost a lot of your time and effort. As we all know, ice build-up, or ice dam, can prevent melting snow on the eave and in the gutter from draining properly. This causes leaks to the space in your roof and, as your expert interior and exterior painters would say, will eventually damage your walls, ceilings and even your roof structure and insulation. Who would want that to happen? It will be such a hassle on your part. Avoid home issues and damages like this to happen… Have the Souther Perfection Painting trained exterior painters and professionals with special steam equipment get rid of ice dams to prevent damage to your roof.

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