Exterior Commercial Painting Services: Achieving Lasting Stucco Walls

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Exterior Commercial Painting Services on Stucco Walls

Exterior commercial painting on stucco walls often seems difficult. This is primarily due to the uneven texture of the finish. Local painting contractors, on the other hand, find stucco walls as challenging. Commercial painters likewise note certain guidelines concerning these walls. They see to it that their painting services include the mandatory preparatory methods.

As mentioned above, there are essentials with regard to exterior commercial painting on stucco walls. These are foremost to applying paint on the finish. A number of these are as follows:

  • Stucco results from mixing sand, cement and lime – applying 3-1-¼ proportional parts, correspondingly
  • The amount of water added to the mixture depends until medium consistency (which is neither too thick nor too soggy) is attained
  • Patching the stucco mixture require waterproof block walls as solid base
  • Expert exterior painters recommend quality and durable thick paint roller that is able to hold as much paint
  • The back roll or roll on painting method is considered the most appropriate technique on stucco walls

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