Exterior Commercial Painting: Cold Weather and Exterior Painters

Number Of Details To Consider

Exterior commercial painting should always be done on temperate weather conditions. Under these given circumstances, local painting contractors can still embark on the services they offer at any time of the year. How are commercial painters able to accomplish their job and produce good results?

Exterior painters Commercial Painting Sherwin Williams Superpaint

Undoubtedly, professional exterior painters are well-informed about the painting services they have to do. They, too, have a number of details to consider before proceeding. The following are the essentials in exterior commercial painting under cold weather conditions:

  • The temperature for cold weather in commercial or residential painting is under 35 degree in Fahrenheit
  • There should be minimum wind while applying paint
  • The commercial or industrial paint products are formulated for cold weather conditions
  • The painting job is done late in the morning until late in the afternoon
  • Applying the paint always begins on surface areas where the morning sunshine is directed
  • The drying pattern of the paint applied depends on air humidity as well as air temperature
  • The time allotted for the paint to completely dry may take more than 1 day

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