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Commercial Painting Services with the Delightful Color for the Year


Commercial Painting Sherwin Williams Plum

Delightful Color for the Year

The color of the year in commercial painting is frequently discussed a month prior to the start of the new year. The renowned producer of paints and coating, Sherwin-Williams Company, is consistently well-researched on this. Local painting contractors are also thrilled to know what the color of the year will be.

This 2014, Sherwin-Williams Company excitedly disclosed that the Color of the Year corresponds to their paint color called Exclusive Plum. Professional exterior and interior painters note SW6263 as its color code. They are particular on the exact color shade so as to be precise on the outcome of their commercial painting services.

Exclusive Plum SW6263 is the result of mixing proportions of blue, red and gray colors. Commercial painters are made aware of the distinctiveness this shade brings. Here are a number of facts:

  • Exclusive Plum represents a dusky yet elegant appeal on surfaces it is painted.
  • This color is adaptable to almost all paint colors it is matched.
  • Highlighting Exclusive Plum with shades of copper and well-worn leather exudes masculinity.
  • Surfaces painted with Exclusive Plum with accents of Gold, Gray or White make the area look spacious.
  • Walls covered with Exclusive Plum and designed with Chartreuse or Magenta paint colors radiate a lively ambiance to office rooms.

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