Commercial Painting Products: Identifying Genuine Eco-Friendly Paints

These Commercial Painting Products Are Low In Maintenance.

Commercial painting products are continuously developed and produced. These are low-VOC and eco-friendly paints that are mandated by the government. Gone are the days when common or ordinary paints were preferred by business owners mainly for economical reasons – so it seemed.

Commercial Painting Products painting contractors atlanta

Low-VOC and eco-friendly (or “green”) paints are priced higher compared to common paints. These commercial painting products are low in maintenance. These are also safe to humans, animals, and of course, the environment. Businessmen, consumers and local painting contractors are aware that low-VOC paints are readily available, along with the “green” paints, as the only options. The painting services contractors provide include exterior and interior painters who are well-versed in distinguishing the authenticity of these paints – the basic essentials of which are as follows:

  • The volatile organic compounds (VOCs) of “green” paints are lower (or even nil)
  • Low-VOC paints are toxic-free
  • Low-VOC latex paints consist of only 250 grams per liter (or lesser) of VOC content
  • Low-VOC oil-based paints have at most 380 grams per liter of VOC content
  • Eco-friendly paints have no VOC content or only 100 grams per liter at the maximum
  • Natural (or casein) paints are the result of combining milk proteins, citrus, lime, minerals, and other non-toxic elements
  • “Green” paints with the green seal certify that these have zero VOC, or simply, VOC-free

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