Commercial Painting: Practical Advice from Local Painting Contractors

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To retain the best in exterior commercial painting of any business property involves preventive maintenance. Local painting contractors usually suggest this to business owners as part of their ongoing painting services. This is for the sake of the establishment and reputation of the business.

In most cases, management obliges the contractor to end services for commercial exterior surfaces once these are completely painted and finished – rather than heed on what is recommended. It is worth noting that the maintenance of any commercial building should be scheduled regularly. This is primarily what preventive maintenance in commercial painting is all about – in contrast to reactive maintenance.

The following illustrates the differences between preventive and reactive maintenance:

Preventive Maintenance

  • It is periodic: It is planned with a regular schedule
  • It is less expensive: It minimizes heavy repairs due to unforeseen wear and tear
  • Delivers good as new: Commercial painters are all-out in ensuring the lasting effect of exterior wall paint and finish

Reactive Maintenance

  • It is on as-needed basis: It is based on how worn out the facade of the establishment is
  • Costs more time and money: Exterior painters are required to do preparatory work prior to necessary heavy repairs
  • Triggered by eyesore areas or spots: The exterior wall surfaces manifest deterioration due to cracked walls, peeled paint finish and the like

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