4 Simple Ways to Make Your Interior Paint Last Longer

If you want to bring a room to life, introduce a vibrant bold color of paint into the area. It is the best way to show off your personality, your home’s flair, and it is very cost effective, but what do you do when life happens? Your home is your family’s headquarters, there are bound to be knicks and scratches along the way. So what do you do to take care of and get the most out of your interior paint? Follow these four simple steps.

1. Avoid Fading Paint. 

Over time, direct sunlight will take a toll on your interior paint. To avoid this you can pick a brighter color that absorbs less light and heat. Other options include investing in high-quality shades or curtains, switching out your windows for ones that include a UV protectant, or using a paint that has high quality coverage. SPPI uses Behr Marquee, an award winning paint that is known for its longevity and wearability through the seasons. 

2. Wash High Traffic Areas.

There are going to be places in your home that will need some extra TLC because they are a high traffic area.This means there is likely to be a higher amount of wear and tear too. If you don’t take care of these areas, your paint job will begin to look worn down. Keep an eye out for the entryway, children’s rooms or family rooms, the areas around your bathroom, and the hallway that leads to the kitchen.

3. Create Your Own Wall Wash.

Tend to those high traffic areas with your own wall wash. Homemade soap mixtures are great for caring for your interior paint because you can control the chemicals you are putting on your walls and it is cost effective. Create your own wall wash 

to protect the integrity of your paint and keep it looking vibrant and fresh. 

4. Hire a Pro.

If you’re looking for your interior paint to last, try hiring a professional for the job. At Southern Perfection Paint Inc. we pride ourselves on taking projects and transforming them into our customer’s dream. Allow your paint to last by hiring a paint contracting company that uses the best tools, highest quality paint, and has the quickest turnaround time for any job. 

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