Residential Painting Warranty

Standard Painting Procedure SPPI will provide our standard painting procedure, quality work and project management for every project. All the items listed below are included in our price and sep- arates us from our competition.


All material is guaranteed to be as specified. All work to be com- pleted in a workmanlike manner according to standard practices. Any alteration or deviation from specifications involving extra costs will be executed only upon written orders, and will become an extra change to the estimate. All agreements contingent upon strikes, accidents or delays beyond our control. Owner to carry fire, tornado and other necessary insurance. Our workers are fully covered by Workman’s Compensation Insurance.

standard painting procedure

1. Exterior Pressure Cleaning (not applicable to Interior Projects)

• All areas will be pressure cleaned completely using a solution of bleach and TSP (Tri-Sodium
Phosphate). The TSP process will remove all molds, mildew, and algae and we will mix the solution at a 3 to 1 ratio. If this process does not completely clean the surface, we will notify the own- er’s contact that extra steps may be required.

• Hand Cleaning will be done for sensitive areas where a pressure cleaning utensil cannot be
used, if possible.

• All areas RECENTLY cleaned, will be left in their current condition

2. Prep Work

• After pressure cleaning, all loose paint on wood surfaces will be scraped, sanded, and spot primed

• All deteriorated caulking will be removed, and fresh caulk will be added

SPPI will be using your water and power unless notified prior to project start. Prices may change if SPPI is required to provide water and power.

3. Painting

• All surfaces will be completely cleaned prior to painting (interior surfaces will be hand wiped
only, where possible).

• All new wood will be primed fully before painting.

• Paint will be applied with a one coat application, unless further specified by the project owner or
stated in contract.

• Paint will be applied per paint specifications and follow temperature guidelines for freezing or
hot weather.

4. Wood Surfaces

• All new wood or other materials installed will be factory primed or pre-primed before applying a coat of paint.

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