What is SPPI’s White Glove Service?

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White Glove Service?  Hmm… what is it all about, another technical term? With few yardsticks, the SPPI focuses with a model that is best practice in phases of painting, caulking, pressure cleaning, or its derivatives.  In other words, a White Glove Service is a “CSW” (complete staff work) based on a “premium service package” where everything is delivered by the service provider, end-to-end, and it is stipulated in the Contract.  Here’s how the job goes for you: A good performanc...

Commercial Painting: White Glove Service by Local Painting Contractors

Photo courtesy of George Ruiz
Commercial painting has many aspects to take into consideration in its successful endeavor. First and foremost is providing premier painting services to the delight of the business owners. Added to these services is an extraordinary service given with discretion only by a number of local painting contractors. This is the white glove service contractors as well as their exterior and interior painters extend with gusto. It should be noted that this is not only provided in the field of commerc...