Interior Design Ideas to Add Dimension

One of the most valued features of a successful interior design is achieving positive changes  without doing any major reconstruction work. Very often it takes just a single, natural, and well  thought plan of action to give any space a complete change of perspective by obtaining a whole  new atmosphere from adding dimension. Let us explore the latter through various interior design  ideas, with special emphasis on different effective painting techniques.Adding Stripes Adding stripes to...

Residential Painting: How to Use Dark Colors for Your Interior

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If you fall for the widespread cliché that dark colors are not the most appropriate option for your interior design, this article may change your outlook.  This article are fresh information and ideas about the latest modernity in dark colors.  Be prepared for surprises, because dark colors can be an ideal addition to your rooms, as long as they are used in the appropriate way.Traditionally, many people prefer bright colors in their homes, as White and bright colored rooms usually ...

Interior Painters Tip: Use Natural Paint For Kids’ Rooms

Photo courtesy of Amy Gizienski
When we talk about painting children’s rooms, interior painters know that vibrant colors come to mind. Or at least a room that is colorful and fun. Yet more importantly, the kind of paint you will use should be safe for your kids. Interior painters will recommend natural paint as a good choice of paint to use. Lime paint, a low-cost type of paint made from slaked lime or calcium hydroxide, and chalk. It may also contain other additives but are relatively safe for kids. This kind of high alkali...