Exterior Painters Painting Tip: Spot That Rot

Photo courtesy of Robert Neff
Check The Wood First Before you start repainting on wood, according to SPPI exterior painters, make sure it is in mint condition. Tap it to test for rot using a dull knife or a screwdriver. A very soft or crumbly feel is a telltale sign that only means only one thing: the wood is rotting. If the damage is less than 50 percent of the entire wood area, you can still salvage it by using a well-known substance you can buy at any auto parts store to repair the wood. Check out our Newsletter f...

House Painters Painting Tip: Quality For Speed

Photo courtesy of Denise Krebs
Try To Experiment House painters tip: If you want to make sure you got yourself high-quality paint, try to experiment on an inconspicuous corner of your house. Remember that paint quality can definitely make a difference. If you find yourself twiddling your thumbs for quite some time as you wait for the paint to dry, then you may have picked one that is of inferior quality. Good paint is quick-drying while its lesser quality counterpart remains gluey longer if you paint too thickly or on ...

Interior Painting Tip: Personalizing Your Home Through Innovative Strokes Of Color

Photo courtesy of Ryan Park
You Don't Have To Be Traditional There are no limits to interior painting and on how you can play with paint. You do not have to be traditional all the time about how or what paint color you put into your home. Interior painting or doing the painting yourself in specific is the chance to rediscover your creativity. Go ahead and personalize your walls and ceiling. Stretch your imagination by trying on various paint effects. Do your wall in different colors or shades, or apply different fin...

Residential Painters Tip: Smart-Painting Your Kids’ Rooms

Photo courtesy of Amy Gizienski
Make Sure You Choose The Right Kind And Quality Of Paint Brightening up your children’s rooms does not end with your choice of colors, according to our expert residential painters. Make sure you choose the right kind and quality of paint to ensure the best results. High quality semi-gloss and high gloss paint are smart choices to keep hand prints, as well as crayon, pencil, marker and even food stains from ruining the walls. You may even use chalkboard and glitter (glow in the dark) paint...

Interior Painting: Going Green with Paint

Photo courtesy of Tõnu Mauring
Green Is Clean Eco-friendly products for exterior and interior painting are getting a lot of attention these days and rightfully so. Saving the environment means eliminating those harsh and harmful chemicals anywhere we can, and that includes the paint that we use. Moreover, we build a much healthier home for our family if we use paints that are devoid of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are emitted as gases from a number of solids or liquids. These harsh gases may have long- or sho...